Who We Are

EARTH Resource Consultants (ERC) Limited is an integrated business and technology solutions provider incorporated in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

It provides unique integrated business and technology solutions, specialising in the use of business, project management, geo-spatial information, information technology (IT) and information system (IS) technology.

Our approach essentially is to align our services to our client’s vision by providing best in class and cost-effective solutions.

about erc
about erc

Our Mission

ERC seeks to enter into sustained partnerships with its clients and provide solutions to all their business, opportunities development, project management and integrated technology requirements.

Our Structure

ERC working from its office and client offices offers a unique range of services, solutions and products within Nigeria. Future activities will extend to the West African sub-region with deployment of its technical resources.

Our name EARTH as an acronym represents: Environment, Agriculture, Rural Resource Development and Empowerment, Technology and Health being areas where we are active and continue to deliver bespoke solutions.

Our Competitive Advantage

Assurance of ERC’s successes now and in future, includes the following:

Excellent relationship with clients, enhanced by good service

Good product expertise
best in class

High quality personnel for timely cost-effective solutions

Offering best in class products when providing solutions to customers